A Busy Month!

So much has been happening this month that I haven’t been able to update fast enough!

On November 9th I was invited by Erin Churchill from the Department of English to do a talk at Vanier College in Montreal as part of their English symposium.

It was a great experience and I enjoyed dong a Q&A with the students and members of the faculty afterwards.

On November 20th I did a two-hour workshop on Narrative Art and Sequential Storytelling with grade 11 students at Villa Maria high school. This was arranged by their teacher Nancy Long who is a fellow Alfred Hitchcock fan. We used two short stories: “A Lamb to the Slaughter” by the great Roald Dahl, and “Vendetta” by Guy De Mauppausant. We had the girls break down parts of these stories and then sketch them out in comic book fashion. I’d love to do this kind of thing for all the English high schools in the area.

Today Nov. 26 was another busy day. This morning I dropped by Expozine in downtown Montreal where Conundrum was exhibiting their books. It was great seeing Andy Brown after Toronto, and meeting Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes, the creators of “The Case of the Missing Men”, Conundrum’s latest graphic novel. I really need to read it when I get a chance! I signed a few books and apparently the day before there was a woman who was very weirded out when she saw my book because of all the parallels with her own life. Too bad I missed her!

Afterwards I headed to the Montreal Pop-Up Book Fair where I was a guest reader, one of 20 writers in Montreal. We each had 2 minutes to read from our work, and then afterwards contributed some lines to a text which was read out loud to the amusement of all. I realize I should really be writing these posts before but never seem to have the chance or remember! Anyway it was fun and I met a few people, including Karen Nesbitt who wrote “Subject To Change”  , a YA book I am curious about.

That’s all for now! I’m trying to finish a bunch of manga deadlines before we leave on a trip to Asia. Cheers.

Stratford Writers Festival

I’ve been invited to the Stratford Writers Festival to be part of a panel called “My Life: Memoirs as Told By Grief” on Saturday Oct. 21, 2017. It’s my first time in Stratford and I’m really looking forward to seeing the town and checking out the other events.


Here is an interview they did with me prior to this visit.



Review in the Hamilton Review of Books

Here’s a review by the writer and artist Joe Ollmann, for the Hamilton Review of Books, which I particularly liked because I felt he really got the essence of my book, which is that it is for the most part light-hearted, silly and tongue-in-cheek, with some dramatic bits thrown in. It’s basically an Asian version of a 1980s John Hughes film complete with a new wave soundtrack.

“Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos and Me, is a really nicely-drawn, sad and funny book full of honesty and heart. Mapa’s book is cool because she doesn’t try to be cool, she just speaks from her heart and maybe sincerity is the new irony.”

Full review here:


Hamilton Review of Books

I’m also reviewed alongside Jillian Tamaki and Emil Ferris (who created the sensation “My Favorite Thing is Monsters”). I mean, talk about excellent company!

Publisher Weekly’s Review

“In her debut graphic novel, Mapa returns to Manila, her childhood home, for her father’s funeral. Her past rushes back to her, not at the taste of a madeleine but with the rhythms of the ’80s pop songs she grew up with. Her memoir of life in the Philippines is both touching and joyous, with vivid recollections of food, matriarchy, family, and politics told in an Hergé-inspired style that’s deceptively simple but apt for its subject. As she assembles the jigsaw puzzle of her Filipino life, Mapa recollects both pop culture touchstones and her upbringing against the turbulent background of the 1986 Fernando Marcos/Corazon Aquino “Snap Election” and its resultant People Power Revolution. As with Sonny Liew’s more complex The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, Mapa uses the directness of comics to introduce a history and culture most Americans are unfamiliar with.”


TCAF weekend! (May 13-14)

Here’s my schedule at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival this weekend:

Saturday May 13

10:00 AM – Canadian Reading Series: Conundrum Press Spotlight – Conundrum Press is making another big splash this year! Come and join David Collier (Morton), Lorina Mapa (Duran Duran), and James Cadelli (Getting Out of Hope) as they read from their newest Conundrum Press books! Hinton Learning Theatre, Toronto Reference Library

11-12 Lorina Mapa signs Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and Me at the Conundrum Table

Sunday May 14

10-11am James Cadelli,  Lorina Mapa sign at the Conundrum Table

See you there!

30 minute interview by Joseph Planta of thecommentary.ca

Here is a link to an interview by Joseph Planta, the host of the website thecommentary.ca which since 2004 has featured over a thousand audio interviews with unique and diverse guests from renowned bestselling and prize winning authors, Canadian newsmakers and political figures, internationally known print and broadcast journalists, prominent academics and public intellectuals, as well as noted artists and personalities.

Lorina Mapa