Review in the Montreal Gazette

Young: Hudson resident's new book will steal your heart

Bill Young has written an article about “Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos and Me” in the April 12, 2017 edition of the Montreal Gazette. I hope the book lives up to his glowing praise!

Here is an excerpt:

It is (an) unforeseen accident which shapes the story, and largely defines her life going forward. When she attends her father’s funeral, this return to roots releases a host of memories, both of her early days in the Philippines, and of more recent times.

The result is an extraordinary odyssey, but one I leave for the reader to discover. It is enough to underscore the degree to which her striking illustrations throughout fit impeccably the many tones of the narrative, from the boldest strokes to the most delicate of touches.”

Featured on the CBC’s “How I Wrote It”

An article on the CBC’s “How I Wrote It” by Jane Van Koeverden. I was interviewed by phone and asked a number of interesting, thoughtful questions. Ms. Van Koeverden did a great job putting my random musings together.

“When I was telling my story, I didn’t want our culture to be so different and inaccessible to people in the west reading it. There are a lot of similarities and that’s why I included a lot of the pop culture references. That was very important to me because that was how I grew up. If someone living in the U.S. is reading about a girl in the Philippines, they might have some assumptions of them. But when they read about what she’s going through and find similarities to their own childhood, all of a sudden it breaks that barrier of the “other.” Maybe it will break a few stereotypes of what people think girls growing up in different parts of the world are like.”

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