Featured on the CBC’s “How I Wrote It”

An article on the CBC’s “How I Wrote It” by Jane Van Koeverden. I was interviewed by phone and asked a number of interesting, thoughtful questions. Ms. Van Koeverden did a great job putting my random musings together.

“When I was telling my story, I didn’t want our culture to be so different and inaccessible to people in the west reading it. There are a lot of similarities and that’s why I included a lot of the pop culture references. That was very important to me because that was how I grew up. If someone living in the U.S. is reading about a girl in the Philippines, they might have some assumptions of them. But when they read about what she’s going through and find similarities to their own childhood, all of a sudden it breaks that barrier of the “other.” Maybe it will break a few stereotypes of what people think girls growing up in different parts of the world are like.”

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